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Chihuahua / Terrier Mix

Adult Female

Estimated 3 to 4 years old

Hi I'm Violet! They call me Miss Priss like its a bad thing!

So what I like the glitz and glam, I am who I am!!

This flat at Hooks Home Bound Rescue is a chill Penthouse. Its cool and all for now but I want my style of Castle Rock.

There is no competition but nobody can be me!

I know I am a Handful but that is why you have two hands!

I do a thing called "What I want!"

This Queen is too high and mighty to make my own bed!

Let me grace you with my presence!

Warning you might fall in love with this sexy and sassy but I'm not trashy!

I refuse to lower my standards to those who refuse to raise theirs!


People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point!

The Glass is refillable!

I'm so priceless, I'm the catch in:

"Little Rescued Hearts from a Hero"

Please enjoy a video of me!

My Rescue Story

Hooks Home Bound Rescue received the call from a supporter stating her son, Craig Bellinger, had died. Craig was a rescuer himself and had several dogs that needed to be rescued from an off-the-grid location. Our team went to the location and pulled out 8 dogs and brought them into our rescue. Each one was scared and needed quite a bit TLC. Some needed medical attention as well. Even though it was a traumatic experience, I have over come my fear and I am now ready for my fur-ever home.

The meaning of my name:

Normally, Hooks Home Bound Rescue names each dog after a fallen tow truck driver, "Hook." However, I had a name before I came into the rescue because I was chipped and my owners released me!

My Medical Status

Thanks to Hooks Home Bound Rescue, I am now up to date on shots, fixed and the registration to my micro-chip is with them.

Using the guide lines from the ASPCA, I scored the following on my Temperament checks:


Compatibility status

I would do great in a home, apartment, or condo. I get along with other dogs my size. I love to play, jump on the bed, and play tug of war. I am on the hyper side but I am full of love. Give me a chance and I will prove to you what a great dog I am.

To make a donation to Violet you may do so here:

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