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Australian Shepard

Adult Male

5 years old

Fire Fire Hooman woof Fire.. Get me and my sister safe woof What happen? Its hot in here!

Hurry family get in the car...What is happening with our house?

woof woof those trucks are loud..woof woof

Thank god the fire is out...but where are we going to live now.. 

Hopefully this car ride will make me forget about what just happened as we are going far.

Hey check it out sis, we are at grandpas house! 

Wait hooman where you going now, don't leave us here!

Hey sis its been a while maybe we should go find mom and dad... lets escape this place. 

Hey sis do you know where you are going? I'm lost I've never been out here!

Hey who is this lady? She seems nice maybe she can help us find mom and dad! Come on Sis!

Hey this place is cool look at all the other doggies.. I wonder if they are trying to find their mommies and daddies too!

 Wait sis do you here that .. that is daddies voice on the phone.. I sure do miss him..

They are talking about something called boarding... now they are talking about the Fire.. Daddy come see me.. woof woof

Its been a long time Sis since we have seen mommy and daddy, and  I kinda like this place and seeing new people, but i just want a home for me now. 

Will you adopt me new hooman ?

Please enjoy a video of me!

My Rescue Story

I am 5 years old. I came to Hooks Home Bound Rescue originally as a stray. My owners were found. My owners were going through a tough time. We lost our house due to a fire and then my family got COVID. They decided it would be best to release my sister, Layla, and I to the rescue.

The meaning of my name:

Normally, Hooks Home Bound Rescue names each dog after a fallen tow truck driver, "Hook." However, I had a name before I came into the rescue because I was chipped and my owners released me!

My Medical Status

Thanks to Hooks Home Bound Rescue, I am now up to date on shots, fixed and the registration to my micro-chip is with them.

Using the guide lines from the ASPCA, I scored the following on my Temperament checks:


Compatibility Status

5 year old Australian Shepard who came to us originally as a stray but the owners were found and they released Moche to our rescue.

He is crate trained, good with other dogs (large and small), great on a leash, great with kids, and great with cats. The sponsor will assist us with neutering, grooming, and general care for him.