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Nail Clipping Information with 

Hooks Home Bound Rescue

Clipping a dogs nails is recommended every 3-4 weeks, but only as needed to keep the nail from touching the ground as the dog is standing.*

*Always refer to your veterinarian when asking about recommendations to clip your dogs nails.

Clipping a dogs nail can be very difficult for some individuals, as one they may not be trained to do such a thing, or the dog may not be used to the idea of clipping its nails. You must be careful to not cut the Quick that is Inside a dogs nail. (The quick of a nail is the innervated, vascularized core of the nail bed. It provides nourishment to the nail which allows it to grow and aids sensation.)

If you are noticing the following things with your dog it is time to get the nails trimmed:

The nails become frail and fracture easily.

Overgrown quicks can cause pain, bleeding, and infection.

Your dog may start to walk in an irregular way.

Your dog may become phobic of or uncomfortable on slippery floors and hard surfaces.

Our staff at Hooks Home Bound Rescue are trained to assist you in nail clipping on various levels. May it be white nails or dark nails. We use a variety of recommended tools to clip or grind your dogs nails. Each tool gives a different result and is used for various reasons needed for your pet. If at any time your pet nails can not be trimmed by us we will not charge you. We charge a very simple low cost rate to come to you to trim your dogs nails.

Nail clipping


*we hold the right to charge an additional fee due to dogs behavior. If a dog seems to be unruly when clipping its nails this additional charge will apply.

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