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🐾___Kit Kat_______🐾

Red Point Siamese


Estimate 1-2 year old

My Rescue Story:

After the rescue received a call from a local business about a stray cat that needed help, the crew got together at the sight and began the search. The property spanned 4.21 acres which included protected Mojave land. with assistance from the manager of the rentals we were able to get a good idea about the location of the cat. After about an an hour and the arrival of our second team we were able to locate this baby and get her safely in a carrier. She was extremely thin and scared.   

My Medical Status

I am now all up to date on shots, chipped and fixed! I am now ready for my forever home!

Compatibility Status

I get along great with other cats, and I am not afraid of dogs. I would do great inside an apartment or condo!

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You can fill in an application for Kit-Kat by clicking the button below:

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