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Domestic Short Haired Tuxedo


Estimate 2 months

My Rescue Story:

My story is a sad one until the rescue stepped up for me! Let me start by saying I am lucky to be saved when I was! 

My original owners reached out to Hooks Home Bound Rescue to assist them with other cats that was in the home! As a matter of fact, there was 7 adult cats and 5 dogs that ultimately needed help from the rescue! The original plea was to get two of the cats fixed but when the rescue learned of all the others they learned it would take time to take care of everyone. Not only were their adult cats but 3 were either pregnant or just had babies. I am part of the first set of babies. There is 4 of us in this liter. The rescue made an agreement to get all adults fixed and progress to get all fixed they would take my Brothers and sisters. Then as more progress was made they will taken in the next liter and when all were fixed, the rescue would take in the last liter. 

I am now in care of the rescue as I am learning to live in a home! I am now litter box trained, eat wet and dry food and have started to purr. I do not mind being handled and picked up properly. I would love to be in a foster home prior to being adopted! 

My Medical Status

I am now up to date on shots and Micro-chipped and will be fixed when it is time, but i need to grow up!

Compatibility Status

I am playful and love to rumble with my brothers and sisters! I am no longer afraid of dogs as well!

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