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Welcome to Hooks Home Bound Rescue!

We are glad you could join us in saving lives! We at Hooks Home Bound Rescue, are here to save man, and mans’ best friends in Southern California.

Examples of this include, but are not limited to pushing for tow truck driver safety,

and also, the safety and proper guardianship or ownership, of all our furry companions. We are grateful for your desire to be a hero by opening your heart, and home, to help one of our lovely pets.

Without you, lives could not be saved!

Being a foster parent means opening the door to finding forever homes for our lovely pets. The attached document, your foster application, will need to be completed. Upon receiving your completed application, we verify your availability, and qualifications, to be a foster parent for our pets.

When completed, click Submit, and the system will automatically email this document to us. If approved, a representative will be in contact with you to arrange a home check and interview. This home check is to ensure the outside environment and home are proper for the prospective pet.

Thank you for striving to be a hero, and opening your home and heart to these precious souls.


Foster Application Form

I understand by applying today for fostership, that if I am approved that my application only approves a temporary home for the animal until that animal may find its forever home, or my adoption application is approved, or Hooks Home Bound Rescue decides that they may need to remove the animal out of my home for any other purpose.
Name (First middle Last suffix)
Name of Company
I understand that this section is to help assist the rescue place an appropriate animal in my home for fostership
Have you ever fostered an animal for any other organization or person?
How long have you lived at this address ?
Name of Significant Other:
Name (Vet preferred)
How did you hear out about Hooks Home Bound Rescue Inc
Have you ever bottle-fed an animal?
Would you like to receive our email monthly newsletter?*
would you be willing to foster a pregnant animal?
would you be willing to foster a female animal with babies?
will you be willing to foster babies?
will you be willing to to foster an animal that needs socializing/training?
would you be willing to foster an animal with medical needs?
would you be willing to foster an animal that needs Hospice(end of life care)?
what size animal are you willing to foster
what sex of animal are you willing to foster?
will you be willing to foster until the animal finds a new forever home?
By checking I certify that the information I have supplied above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also agree that any false statements may result in nullifying this application. I further understand that this application is the property of Hooks Home Bound Rescue Inc and will be retained by them. I also agree to contact a representative of Hooks Home Bound Rescue immediately to return any equipment or animal that I may in my care should I need to relinquish any item at any time!
I permit Hooks Home Bound Rescue Volunteers or staff to contact any and all persons or companies listed above at any time after filing this application!*
When considering my application for fostership Hooks Home Bound Rescue makes every effort to place the animal of my interest in my home, but due to circumstances this may not be possible in every case!
I agree by checking this box Hooks Home Bound Rescue can take the following printed name as my electronic signature and use this signature for any and all legal matters!
I understand that if approved tht the foster animal(s) are temporarily in my care and belong exclisively to Hooks Home Bound Rescue. I also understand that the purpose of fostering is solely to provide care and housing for the foster animal(s)
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Thank you! Fostering is the best part of rescue! you will see the worst come to the best! We are thankful you wish to become a foster with us! your application is being reviewed by our staff!



The following application may be updated, and or changed, at any time. Applying does not guarantee approval to be a foster parent. The following document can, and will, be used as a part of the processing of the Hooks Home Bound Rescue Foster Program. When applying, you, as the applicant, are responsible for all answers provided. Each document can, and will, be used for any, and all, legal matters.

Hooks Home Bound Rescue reserves the right to refuse any, and all, applications, for any reason. Hooks Home Bound Rescue does not discriminate against any race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, age, or sexual orientation. Being a Foster parent is a volunteer position, inside our company. There will be no monetary gains from this position.

As a foster parent, you may be responsible for transport, training, housing, feeding, bathing, grooming, walking, and socializing, or any other requested item for your foster pet. Other items you may be responsible for include: Networking, taking photos of, and advising Hooks Home Bound Rescue of any updates, changes, and medical issues.

By submitting your application, you agree to any, and all, interviews, formal, or informal, opening your home, at any time, to the staff of Hooks Home Bound Rescue. You also agree that, at any time, for any reason, disclosed to you, or not, Hooks Home Bound Rescue may have the animal removed from your home, and your services terminated.

If at any time, Hooks Home Bound Rescue must pursue legal charges of animal neglect, animal theft, or animal abuse, against you, the applicant, you will be responsible for all legal fees, and court costs, plus a fee of no less than $2,500.00 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars).

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