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Rottweiler / American Bulldog Mix

Adult Female

Hey Hey Hey Hey What's going on! I'm Empress and I'm just a little girl with a fast mentality. 

That's right, I love to play, but I want to run around in circles. 

They say I am really strong, but I think they are just weak. 

I came from a chain and now that I'm free, I really don't know what I want to do but maybe I can do it with you. 

These people here are cool, but not my pace. 

I like to go fast, even though they say I am going no where. 

I jump jump jump for joy every time I see them. 

Walk- what's a walk, lets run.. 

You know you only have one life to live so lets go live it, yea yea yea right now! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Come on lets go.. Keep up!

car rides - no, lets run! - car rides are boooring, but let's get there, go fast! 

Lets be free together, come on.. I got a new chance to run -  lets go...

Are you fast enough to keep up?

My Rescue Story

Empress came to us as an owner release.

She was rescued from her previous owners who had locked her up and did not care for her.

The new owners did what they could for her, but Empress proved to be too much for them as well. After attempting, on their own, to find a new home for Empress, they were unable to.

The meaning of my name:

Normally, Hooks Home Bound Rescue names each dog after a fallen tow truck driver, "Hook." However, I had a name before I came into the rescue and my owners released me.

My Medical Status

Thanks to Hooks Home Bound Rescue, I am now up to date on shots, fixed and the registration to my micro-chip is with them.

Using the guide lines from the ASPCA, I scored the following on my Temperament checks: 

Compatibility Status

Empress is extremely high energy and a high power girl who loves to play.

In our rescue she is learning to crate train, leash train and be a loyal friend.

Even though, Our rescue staff are trained for high power dogs like Empress, she has proved to be a super high impact dog that needs time to learn to relax. With high anxiety and pure muscle strength, we do not advise anyone who does not know the pure strength to request her. Our staff have been using awesome techniques to relieve some of the anxiety and it has been proven it is working for her. We do recommend that Empress be in a 1 dog home, with someone who knows anxiety relaxation techniques and would love a bouncy loyal dog like her.

As we train her, we have found out she becomes very attached to her handler; so private training would be best.

As you can see she loves getting pretty and all dressed up for a long car ride.

We believe once her anxiety is broken then she will be an awesome dog for those who love a challenge.

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