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Our Education Center

Let us educate you on the safety of Tow Truck drivers and proper care of rescued animals.

This page is available to you as a guide and brought to you by our sponsors


What are "Hooks"?

A "Hook" is a name given to "Tow Truck Drivers" or "The vehicle used to tow your vehicle."  

Terms like "Call a Hook!", "On the Hook!", "A Hook is on its way!" all refer to a tow truck and its driver to assist a stranded motorist. 

When most of us think "Tow Truck driver" the assumption is a greasy, dirty, guy who shows up in a beat up truck who is only called to cause damage to a vehicle that needs assists or "steal" a vehicle for repossession. 

When in reality these Professionals are trained and certified yearly to find the proper way to not only unlock your vehicle, change your tire, but also how to tow your vehicle safely from one location to another. As technology increases in our vehicles, tow truck drivers need to know how to handle these advancements to not disable your vehicle. 

Each time a Tow Truck Driver is at a vehicle, it is due to someone calling them for assistance; may it be you calling them, the police calling them, community management calling them, or a finance company calling them. 

Tow Truck drivers are not allowed to just randomly show up to a vehicle and remove that vehicle. 

For many years Tow Truck Drivers, even though available to be on the road 24 hours a day, were not considered "first responders" but recently, with the current training and cross-training, they have been deemed first responders in many states.

This means Tow Truck Drivers are now covered under the Slow Down Move Over Laws.

Did you know how our rescue represents those Hooks who have died on the Job?

For every Six(6) days another Tow Truck Driver Dies on the job. These hero's are not lost with us. Our rescue remembers these lives by naming dogs, that come into our rescue with out a name, a representation of the driver that has passed . 

Slow Down Move Over

"Home Bound"

As we all seek comfort and security in our home, we wish that the comfort and security is up to par to cover all our family members. 

Many home insurance companies restrict against pets based on the what type of pet, breed of pet, or even size of pet. 

As you apply for adoption or foster of one of our pets we ask "do you have Home insurance? what company?" We ask these very important question to ensure your home in covered for all incidences that may occur when we place a pet in your home. We are proud to ensure your home is covered with insurance that will cover your new pet. 

Statement from an insurance carrier:
"doesn't provide liability coverage for dog bite-related claims involving pit bulls, Rottweilers, or wolf mixes. They require their policy holders sign an exclusion waiver of liability for dog bites."

Does your insurance carrier have restrictions? Contact your agent to find out. 

Fire is the number one cause of concern when it comes to your safety and welfare with your pet. When pets get into things they normally are not supposed to they may cause a fire in your home. 

Our rescue pushes to ensure you have the following items to ensure safety in your home: 

Fire alarms, Fire extinguishers and proper running water

With current wild fires on the rise, we also ensure there is an evacuation plan with your pet in mind. 

Even if this evacuation plan may mean boarding of your pet.

Road to Success

As we look to place an animal into a forever we home, we look to see if the Family could enjoy the life we place into the home. As some of us suffer from allergies, we try to ensure our pets do not cause an allergy reaction. 

We also ensure all pets are completely up to date on shots, micro-chipped and spayed/or neutered. 

As the adoption process is started we ensure a proper fit by having the adopter first join our foster to adopt program. 

This program ensures proper placement of the proper animal in the appropriate home. 


Vaccinations are a very important part in health and welfare and happiness.

Our Rescue ensures all our pets are up to date on all vaccinations for at least one year prior to adoption. 

We also provide Vaccinations for purchase to your pets under our  Services Department.

Vaccinations needed for dogs are:


(DHPP is a combination vaccine that helps prevent four different viruses in dogs: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.)


(an immunization used to prevent rabies in people who have been bitten by an animal or otherwise exposed to the rabies virus.)

And Many others

Micro-Chipping your pet

Micro-chips are a very important part of ownership. When a Pet is micro-chipped and registered; any vet, rescue, or animal control facility could scan your pet and track you, as the owner and return your pet to you if it becomes lost. 

Our rescue ensures each of our pets have a micro-chip implanted before adoption. We also ensure your current pets are also micro- chipped for their safety. 

If you would like you may be able ask our staff to assist in purchase of a micro-chip for your pet under our Services Department.