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Boarding Services

When you need us we will be there for you and your pet. When you need to travel and can not take your pet you can board your animal with us and a very small rate! 

We will board your animal and give it the best care possible! 

We thank you for allowing us to care for your pet!

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Day Boarding


Per day

hour available 8am-6pm

By appointment only

Over-night Boarding


per night

intake between 8am-6pm 

Pick up between 8am-12am the next day

By appointment only

Vacation Package


Per Day*

*24 hour period

by appointment only


Did you Adopt a Pet from Hooks Home Bound Rescue?

As a Thank you for adopting a rescued pet, you will receive 50% off any of the above charges while your adoptee is boarding with us for all your pets!

Are you a Military Member?

Military will receive a 25% off any above charges as a Thank you for your sacrifice to our nation!*

*Military ID or dd214 required to be shown

Are you in the Towing Industry?

All of our Towers will receive a 25% Discount on Boarding and special hours of availability, when proof of being a Tower is presented! 

Thank you for being a hero of our roadways!

Boarding Requirements and Regulations

To board your animal safely we ask you to do and have the following items available to us:

1)Your pet will get fed the same food you provide at home (you will need to provide enough food for 3 days beyond the boarding period)

2)We will need to ensure you pet is up to date all vaccinations: including Dh2pp, Rabies, and Bordetella. (You will need to provide copies of these records)

3)Your Pet will be given "Yard time" and "Leash time"(You will need to provide your pets favorite toy and a suitable leash)
4)Your pet maybe allowed to play with other pets at our facility or foster homes(if agreed you will need to specifically in writing provide a waiver to do so)
5)In precaution if your pet may, for unknown reason, get sick or injured while in our care ( You will need to provide us in writing your vet information and a fair agreed upon amount of funds to initially treat your pet in your vet or our vets care.) 

6)We understand that animals may act differently while in care of different individuals ( you will need to ensure your pet can be safely handled by all ages) 

7)We understand that even though Family to us all, that your pet may not accept us to care for it (you will need to be available or have a secondary plan in case your pet becomes uncontrollable for our staff and volunteers)

8)To reduce overpopulation of pets we ask that your pet be Spayed or Neutered prior to Boarding(Copy of Cert will need to be provided)

9)For Identity purposes we ask that your pet be Micro-chipped and registration completed in your name(If not Micro-chipped our Services Department can provide you one during your pets stay at your expense!)

10)We wish to keep your pet clean and healthy (all pets will be clean prior to arrival to our facility, if not our services department will provide you a bathing service at your expense prior to its stay)

11)For long term boarders(over 14 days) your pet will be provided a bathing service of your choice at the rate of 50% off.(This is to ensure your pet goes home clean)