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American Staffordshire Terrier

Adult Female

Estimated 5 to 7 year old

My life has been a journey. They call me the Big Girl but I feel like a little old lady that just cant get it together!

First off, I really don't remember much about my puppy life or even how I got to where I was, but what I can tell you that life has been rough for me! What I do remember is living in the desert with my babies and a group of people came and took my babies away so I hid under what looked like a good hiding spot under a trailer that was really low to the ground. So low I had to crawl on my belly to fit. This became my home and protection from the weather for a few months, until a couple tried to feed me, but I would not come out while they were around. At first, I would wait a long time after they were gone, but then I became hungrier and hungrier so I came out and watched them from a distance. After a while, they spotted me in the field and tried to catch me but I was too fast for them. When they were gone, I hid back under the trailer. You know it is scary at night, but each night I went back to the trailer where the big dogs would not get me. 

One day I heard another group of people talking to the couple and they were looking at me. They did what they could to push me out of the space but i stood my ground and did not come out. They even opened up other areas for me to get out but I knew it was a trap. I just laid there trying to keep my self safe from these people. Eventually, I saw them opening up the area I normally climbed out of, but the other areas were closed off. They used something and put it around my neck. It eventually got tighter as they pulled on me to move, but with all my might they were able to pull me forward. So, I used my body and jammed myself into a rock, hopefully that will show them. Nope! These people just kept trying. Who are they? Normally, people give up!

Eventually, they were able to break the rock I jammed myself into, but I could tell you what it sure took them a while to figure it out! They finally was able to get me out. Scared,  I gave them a chance. Heck, why not? They walked with me back to the field where my babies were taken from me. I walked with them back to the trailer and they felt all over my body like they were looking for something. Man, did it feel good to have a gentle touch all over me again. I let them load me into a metal box so I could get my composure. After a little time had passed, they took me out of the box and touched me again. It was so good, I think I even smiled a bit. 

Then, they loaded me into a truck. This truck took me to a place called a rescue. It has been pretty cool here as I learned to be myself and man did they feed me. I got to eat things I never knew tasted so good, like chicken, steak and beans. Apparently, these things put weight on me, but all I know is I feel stronger. I know I need to control my strength so I try to stay calm and playful. They also taught me how to walk on a thing called a leash, but the most important thing is if I don't want to be outside, I don't have to be.

I was told it is now time for me to be spoiled, but I need to find a new home for that. Being a Pitty, I think they rescue is taking extra care in finding me just the right home! 

Are you that right home for me?

My Rescue Story

She came to our rescue as a stray. She was found living under a trailer in Adelanto, CA. She had puppies under there and once they were big enough a rescue came and took the puppies. They refused to take her, however. Concerned she would have more puppies, our rescue was contacted in hopes we would rescue her. We were able to get her out from under the trailer and brought her into our rescue. As she cleared her stray hold, no owner was found.

The Meaning of my name:

Hooks Home Bound Rescue names each dog after a fallen tow truck driver, "Hook", I was named after:

Aubrey B. Collier

Mr. Collier was driving on a main thoroughfare through Nashville when he hit a saw horse where work was being done. He lost control of the wrecker and hit a telephone pole and a wall. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

My Medical Status

Thanks to Hooks Home Bound Rescue, I am scheduled to get all of my shots and be fixed soon.

Using the guide lines from the ASPCA, I scored the following on my Temperament checks: 

Compatibility Status

She has learned to be a great family pet with an awesome personality. She loves water hoses and to play. I am a bigger dog and I am considered a "high-impact" dog. Give me some time, and I will be great and gentle dog for you!

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