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Hooks Home Bound Rescue

Available for Adoption



Hey folks Dean here! Did you know this place is pretty cool, Its an old mans Paradise! I get to sleep most the day next to the swamp cooler, which is really nice since I do not like to be outside in the 100+ degree heat!

I will miss Craig Bellinger as I spent a lot of time with him but the bridge calls for all of us to cross at one point or another. Pretty soon it may be my turn to surf the colors of Rainbow Bridge but for now lets just kick back put our paws up and chill!!!

I am now looking for a furever home that will care for me til i get old and grey!

Oh come check me out at Little Rescued Hearts from a Hero

Oh don't forget I am an old man so I need a little special attention


Hi I'm Violet! They call me Miss Priss like its a bad thing!

So what I like the glitz and glam, I am who I am!!

This flat at Hooks Home Bound Rescue is a chill Penthouse. Its cool and all for now but I want my style of Castle Rock.

There is no competition but nobody can be me!

I know I am a Handful but that is why you have two hands!

I do a thing called "What I want!"

This Queen is too high and mighty to make my own bed!

Let me grace you with my presence!

Warning you might fall in love with this sexy and sassy but I'm not trashy!

I refuse to lower my standards to those who refuse to raise theirs!


People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point!

The Glass is refillable!

I'm so priceless, I'm the catch in:

"Little Rescued Hearts from a Hero"


Parker is an 8 month old little baby who came to us as an owner surrender. He came to us very scared and unsure of what life was to be a puppy. Being with us he is crate training and learning to be a puppy again. 

Parker receives his name in memory of Kyle B. Parker. 

Kyle Parker at a young age of 21 lost his life assisting a motorist with a trailer, as a tow truck driver to learn more on Kyle Parker please go to this article by the DAILY FREEMAN


Hi I'm Macy! I am the first one rescued as part of the

"Little Rescued Hearts from a Hero" rescue.

Hooks Home Bound Rescue saved me and others, when our owner/rescuer died while he was away saving more babies like me. Being brought from our rescuer into this new rescue is a lot of adjustment but I am strong and will make it. Yes I am scared but I know this rescue will let me adjust at my own pace.

If you want to follow me, I will pop into our face book page, from time to time:

"Little Rescued Hearts from A Hero"

Did you know I was named after a hero who lost his life saving other?

Curtis A. Macy was a tow truck Driver who lost his life while involved in an accident with a semi truck while driving a wrecker for C & R Towing in Montana. Curtis served in the U.S. Military during Vietnam and received many medals for his bravery.


Hi! Im Gra Gra Gracie! These people from Hooks Home Bound Rescue are pretty cool. They saved me, my brothers and sisters, when we didn't see our rescuer come home. 

They told us Craig had passed away saving 3 other babies. I sure will miss him but I know I will see him again.

Apparently Hooks Home Bound Rescue is calling us

"Little Rescued Hearts from a Hero!"

I'm scared but for you I will be brave and become an angel.

If you want to see me with my changes go to our face book page:

"Little Rescued Hearts from a Hero"

I was named after a hero too:

Grace E. Hawkins


I like my Pickles with a little dill and I love my rescues a little spicy. Come too close and the heat might bite back! Give me some space and watch me salsa. I may be scared now but give me a treat and I will warm up right into your arms, so lets tango.

Here at Hooks Home Bound Rescue I will take two steps forward and one step back (if you get what I mean). Twist this situation around and find a great home just for me.

I will keep cha chaing for Alan E Dilley. Alan passed away from injuries sustained when he was struck in a hit and run by a drunk driver while working an accident scene for the police department.

If your not the dancing type and want to just foster or adopt look for me at:

fill in an application today

In FTA Hold

The following dogs are currently preparing to be adopted as they are in their Foster to Adopt Home

Stormy Day​

Stormy Day entered her Foster to Adopt home on 9-1-21. After many attempts to find her a forever home, one thing or another has held her back. We believe she has now found a home just for her. Stormy came to us as an owner surrender as a very tiny puppy she has grown to be a beautiful baby. Now being almost 1 and 1/2 years old its time for her to show her love to her new family. She is also at that that perfect age to begin her training to be the service dog she will become. 

Congrats Stormy Day!  

Up and Coming​


Howdy Y'all, my name is Dana! Its been a month of Sundays since I got to see y'all! Bless your Heart for saving me!

Hows yer mama 'n them?

Im nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs right now but ill be tickled pink soon.

Hooks Home Bound Rescue will let me move slow as molasses if I want to.

I reckon I'll see you at

"Little Rescued Hearts From A Hero"

Wait a cotton pickin' minute and let's say a prayer for:

Dana Purrington! Dana worked at Flattop Towing and passed away on March 24, 1989 after being struck by a scrap metal truck while in the process of hooking up a disabled vehicle to his wrecker.


5 year old Australian Shepard who came to us originally as a stray but the owners were found and they released Moche to our rescue. Moche is looking for a foster, sponsor, or furever home. He is crate trained, good with other dogs (large and small), great on a leash, great with kids, and great with cats. The sponsor will assist us with neutering, grooming, and general care for him. If you would like to foster, our rescue supplies everything except treats and toys while you supply a loving home. 


Estimated between 10 and 12 years old Australian Shepard. She came to us originally as a stray but the owners were found and they released Layla to our rescue. Layla is looking for a foster, sponsor, or furever home. She is crate trained, needs leash training. The sponsor will assist us with grooming and general care for her. If you would like to foster, our rescue supplies everything except treats and toys while you supply a loving home. 

Lost and Found


5 to 7 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Came to our rescue as a stray. We are currently looking for her owners. She is not chipped or fixed at this time. She was rescued from the city of Adelanto, CA. If you know her owner, please have them call us at (714) 388-6842. 

Go to our Adoption Application Today

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