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Hooks Home Bound Rescue:

Hooks Home Bound Rescue has been nominated "Outstanding Non-Profit" in the "Smiles for Seniors 12th Annual Umbrella Awards!" 

This Certificate is presented by Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (Senator 23rd District of the State of California)

This Certificate is presented by Supervisor Dawn Rowe (San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors):

This Certificate is Presented by Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez (5Th District Supervisor of the County of Riverside)

This Certificate is presented by Catherine Serianni (founder) and Kathy Dexter (President)(Smiles for Seniors Foundation)

We would like to thank "The Smiles For Seniors Foundation" for this Honor. They are constantly spreading the Smiles to not only Seniors but all of us. Please check them out and if you can make a donation to 

We also would like to thank the Senate of the State of California, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for the amazing Recognition and Certificates.

Join us in our upcoming Fundraiser:

We have joined up with Money Dolly to bring you our upcoming fundraiser! With Money Dolly you will be able to make a Donation or place an order one of their great products like Popcorn, Pretzels or Beef Jerky! if you would like to join us in this fundraiser you may give us a call or send us a message, as the fundraiser opens!

Who will win this awesome Fundraiser:

The Pugs

The Terriers


The Pomeranians 

Show your support by contacting your favorite volunteer and place an order with them in this newest fundraiser and ask what team they are on!


Special Spay/Neuter voucher assistance just for you and your cat!!!

POPCO is now offering a special program for those that live in the unincorporated area of San Bernardino County for you and your cat! 

You can now get double spay/Neuter assistance through POPCO!!

That is now $50 in assistance to spay/neuter you cat/kitten! 

This is a limited time offer and only for residence inside the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino county!

Want to get in on the Financial support you need? Our rescue can help you get it by clicking this link:

Spay/Neuter Voucher assistance Program

Join us in saying Thank you 

for your 

Military Service! 

By making a donation today!!

In our tradition we will reach out to the public to see if anyone would like to leave a Thank You Letter or make a donation towards the adoption fee of any of our animals, if a Military Member looks to adopt! 

Here we have Kit Kat and her upcoming new Family! The Family is currently active Duty in the U. S. Marine Corps! 

Currently Kit Kat and the family are in a 30 day Foster to Adopt! If all goes well Adoption can be finalized on 5/27/2023

and with your help we get the adoption fee paid in full.

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Make A Donation of Thanks:

The Family currently has a $125.00 deposit paid for the adoption of Kit Kat.

 Lets get this # down to zero so we could return the deposit 100%. as a THANK YOU!!!

Recent Adoptions

Congratulations to these babies in finding their forever homes



Princess Jenny Brown

See all our available and upcoming pets here:

Adopt Me Today


Guess the Breed

Donate and Win!

Donate Today to get a DNA test done on this dog: 

Predita is our newest rescue dog the was saved off the interstate 10 freeway at the state route 79 in California. 

To watch her rescue video please go to

1st Make a Donation of $10 or more (for each $10 you will receive 1 entry)

2nd Guess the breed

Did you make a $10 or more donation?*
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3rd We announce the winner:

Dna test to be used:

Wisdom Panel™ Premium


Like most pet parents, we want to know everything about our pets. This DNA kit comes as close to that as possible (for now). Here, you can gain near-encyclopedic knowledge of their genetic health. On top of the usual breed breakdown and tests, you’ll get extensive health insights with 210 health tests. So you can truly understand (and care for) your pet as the individual they are.

Breeds guessed by entries:


Amount received:


updated: 5/15/2023 11:56am pst

start date 3/2/2023 pst

Guess that Breed Rules and Regulations!

After you make a Donation you will be given entry points to guess the 1st breed that comes up on the DNA test. For each $10 donated you will receive 1 entry point. For each entry point you will be given 1 opportunity to enter the breed you choose. 

After DNA test is paid for, any amount above and beyond you could win cash! So the more entry points the more money you could receive!

 If multiple people pick the 1st breed that comes up on the DNA test the funds will be given on lottery to the winner!   

This Game will continue up until the Dna results come in. Once Results are in all entries will be tallied and the winner announced. 

Funds will be paid to the Winner via Paypal or Hard Check! The winner will be informed 15 days after Dna Test results are received and confirmed. Any fees associated with the payment method of the winners choice will be paid by the winner! 

Sign up Today

To become part of our 

Fundraiser Support Team

Our Current General Fundraiser is for supplies for upcoming Adoption Events!

 If you are interested in assisting us, volunteering in our upcoming adoption events please fill in a Volunteer application

Thank you for your time and Donation!

Have you lost your Pet?

Did You Find A Pet?

When you find a lost pet, this pet could be owned by someone else! We always reco9mmend getting the found pet scanned for a micro-chip!

You can now contact one of our great sponsors and sister companies that is 501c3 nonprofit:


To get that found pet scanned

Scan Lost Animals

What We Do

We scan lost and found animals for microchips during off hours when local facilities offering this service are closed or unavailable.

How We Do It

Each volunteer uses a universal scanner to locate a microchip on the lost animal. If a chip is found, we contact the owner to reunite the lost animal with its family. We can do all this based on tax deductible donations we receive from people like you.


Volunteer Opportunities

Special Events Volunteer Needed!

Want to Help Volunteer at our many special events let us know! Special Events Volunteers help with:

  • Adoption Events
  • Education Events
  • Walk Events
  • Food Drives
  • And Many More!

Volunteer Today


Help From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

We are in need of Volunteers! Have a computer with the Internet? Then you can help! We will train you and give you what you need!

Love Animals? We can guide you in showing your love!!!

You don't need to be a foster (protector of one of our animals in your home) to help! You just need a desire to help animals.

Ask us where you are needed and we will find where you best fit in!!"

Volunteer Today by clicking Here!


Fosters Save Lives! Without qualified Fosters many animals cannot be saved!

Fosters are the Protectors of the animals until the animal finds its forever home! Fosters walk the animals through the emotional and physical healing process!

The importance of Fosters is limitless. interested in becoming a Foster: click here

Staff Log Ins:

Staff Email Log in

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Back Office

Public Notices

Be advised Staff log in links are set as a convenience to staff and volunteers to access appropriately needed programs. Staff and Volunteers may request access to each individual site when permissions to these sites are granted. Permissions to these sites are granted upon usage to perform your duties inside the rescue. 

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