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          Due to Covid-19 our rescue may be shut down at a moments notice, for the safety of the public. Our Policy states that if any volunteer or staff has confirmed contact with anyone who has confirmed Covid-19 test results our rescue will immediately shut our doors, stop all dog movements and begin sterilization procedures per CDC regulations. We are sorry if this may delay applications or other items with our rescue but we feel it is the best way to help you, the public, stay safe.

Fairview Fire Assistance needed

The Fairview Fire started on 9-5-22 in Hemet, CA. Our Rescue has joined up with an awesome organization called CRC RESCUE RANGERS to assist with the animals coming out of the fire! Many animal owners had to open their fences and allow the animals to roam free due to the speed of the fire and the un-ability to evacuate fast enough. CRC RESCUE RANGERS were called in to assist with these animals. As many as 732 animals have been saved and the number keeps climbing. 

The acres burned is now over 28,000! With animals still running free. 

On 9-8-22 our rescue got the call for assistance. Our rescue was able to gather some food and other supplies from our local area, but more help is needed! 

As of today, 9-10-22, our rescue received word the CRC Rescue Rangers is in need of more food, we also received word the evacuation centers need pet supplies and the local shelter is reaching for help. 

We ask you to please donate today by clicking the button below:

or by clicking the link below with Cuddly

Cuddly Fairview fire support Link

Recent Adoptions

Congratulations to these babies in finding their forever homes



See all our available and upcoming pets here:

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Fundraiser Support Team

Our Current General Fundraiser is for supplies for upcoming Adoption Events!

 If you are interested in assisting us, volunteering in our upcoming adoption events please fill in a Volunteer application

Thank you for your time and Donation!

Our Rescue Needs List

**Be advised: the prices listed are available at the link provided (not all stores carry all sizes needed)**

Crates- Heavy Duty




Size  48 in

Amount needed :5

Price Per each: 339.99+shipping

You can donate this item by amazon and delivering to us!

Amazon direct Link

Crates- Heavy Duty

Size 42 in

Amount Needed: 5

Price Per each: 579.99+ shipping

You can donate this item by Cuddly and delivering to us!

Cuddly direct Link

crates- Heavy Duty

size 36 in

amount 5

price per unit 209.99+shipping

You can donate this item by amazon and delivering to us!

Amazon direct Link

Seatbelt adapter

Color: Yellow or Black

Amount needed: 50

Price per each $2.00+shipping

You can donate this item by Wish and delivering to us!

Wish Direct Link

Have you lost your Pet?


Volunteer Opportunities

Special Events Volunteer Needed!

Want to Help Volunteer at our many special events let us know! Special Events Volunteers help with:

  • Adoption Events
  • Education Events
  • Walk Events
  • Food Drives
  • And Many More!

Volunteer Today


Help From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

We are in need of Volunteers! Have a computer with the Internet? Then you can help! We will train you and give you what you need!

Love Animals? We can guide you in showing your love!!!

You don't need to be a foster (protector of one of our animals in your home) to help! You just need a desire to help animals.

Ask us where you are needed and we will find where you best fit in!!"

Volunteer Today by clicking Here!


Fosters Save Lives! Without qualified Fosters many animals cannot be saved!

Fosters are the Protectors of the animals until the animal finds its forever home! Fosters walk the animals through the emotional and physical healing process!

The importance of Fosters is limitless. interested in becoming a Foster: click here

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